Let time and space melt into one another
At home and abroad
Present complex concepts
Extend works into the space

  • I is another

    Cyanotype contribution from July, 7 until September, 7 at the Castle of Plassenburg over Kulmbach (Bavaria, Germany)

  • Nuremberg

    June, 19 until June 25 at the Friedenskirche (Church of St. John) in the city district of Johannis in Nuremberg (Germany)

  • Schwabach

    June 2nd until June 30th in the Town Church of Schwabach(south of Nuremberg)

  • Pappenheim

    Great solo exhibition from April 7th until May 26th in the Museum at the Town Mill in Pappenheim (between Nuremberg and Augsburg, Germany)

  • Nude Art Exhibition

    Looking for a modern or contempary style for a nude art exhibion: The nude portrait in the age of internet flood of images and #metoo. A project in development.

  • Project
    What is german?

    Running project to show german attitudes in a mirror. Last exhibition was 2018 in Usti nad labem, CSR.

  • Ambrotypes
    Wetplate Collodion Photography

    Wetplate shots impress by their remarkable sharpness, their detailed tone scale and their irregular blur plate edges. Today wet plate photography can be a creative and experimental way to reimagine artistic work.

    Website Ambrotypes